Talent development rethought

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Talent development rethought

For companies

Offer concrete development opportunities with DQ

Move away from inefficient seminars towards sustainable on-the-job learning. Move away from expensive, largely ineffective classroom training towards Social Workplace Learning with real impact. The future of learning lies in the network. Independent and concrete in the implementation, DQ prepares the ground for personal and professional growth.

High self-motivation of the participants, holistic learning success, no travel expenses and a significantly increased ‘business continuity’ make the innovative approach of DQ so attractive. A large development package is broken down into smaller, digestible units. Unique and adapted to the individual’s pace of learning. Always with a view to being able to fulfil a specific target position in the best possible way, whether it is the current one or a future one.

With DQ, high potentials assume responsibility for their own development. Professionally and continuously accompanied by innovative methods, the employees go on a development Journey, at the end of which there is actual added value for themselves and for the company.

Do you want to sustainably develop your high-potential employees and thus your business? Then you have come to the right place!

Solutions for individuals

High potentials can (depending on the level of the target position and the desired package) effectively receive individual development for 3 months with DQ for the price of a standard 3-day seminar. The difference with DQ is that, unlike the classic approach, learning and development also generates real added value for your company.


Solutions for groups

Whether classic talent, leadership, trainee or other development programs: With DQ, several participants can go on a profitable Journey together (as a kind of ‘travel group’). This allows them to develop efficiently and thus also to bring your company forward in a highly motivated manner.

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