Talent development rethought

Development Quests

Talent development rethought

You got potential? You want to develop?
Well, let's go!

The idea

With Development Quests (‘DQ’) we have transferred the principle of the hero’s journey – the Quest – to the development of talents in companies and organizations.

At DQ you are the hero. And just like a real hero, during your own Journey, you will face a variety of challenges. You will overcome obstacles, grow while performing tasks and leave your comfort zone over and over again. In everyday work. Your Journey is individually tailored to you and your specific situation. The goal is to be able to fulfill your (future) role with maximum impact. This Journey can be exhausting at times, this upfront. But it will always be worth the effort because you will earn a lot of ‘Loot’ – for you and for your company. You will be accompanied by your very own personal DQ Coach throughout the entire time. In weekly Check-ins with him or her you will discuss the course of your Journey. You will reflect on what you have already achieved and you will set yourself new milestones.

With DQ we have rethought talent development and applied gamification elements to real work life. DQ – motivating, effective, different.

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The Quest as the core building block

The ‘Quest’ describes a specific, development-related and time-limited task you will face in working life. If you choose to accept it. Because it has to be exactly the right challenge for you, so that you can actually grow with it. The duration of a single Quest is usually between 1 and 4 weeks. The workload for you is about 2 hours per week. And whenever you have successfully mastered your current Quest, you may face your next challenge. In this way you get closer to your goal step by step. 

Do you accept this Quest?

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The Journey as individual development process

The ‘Journey’ describes your entire, individual development process. Your Journey is made up from the numerous Quests you face over time. Usually a Journey takes between 3 and 6 months. That’s the minimum of time it takes to change complex behaviour sustainably, i.e. to actually ‘develop’ yourself.

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Check-ins with your DQ Coach as your travel companion

The ‘Check-ins’ are for weekly coordination (via online video tool) with your DQ Coach. Your DQ Coach is a real professional in talent development. He or she assumes the role of a travel companion for the entire duration of your Journey. Your Coach will always be there to support you and, if necessary, will drive you forward so that you finally reach your destination.

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Your Loot

Turn your learnings into competencies

Business impact for your company

Motivating and fun

Own your development

Professional support

Holistic and sustainable development

Time saving

Full flexibility

Clear goal orientation

Are you up for the challenge?

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